Div A - 37
1st Place Brynlyn Sullivan Bristow
2nd Place Tabor Reiss SS Team Big
3rd Place Caydon Scott Bixby youth wrestling
4th Place Asher Giddens SS Team Big
5th Place Keegan Paras OKC Warriors
6th Place Jon Zerzavy Cache Bulldog Takedown Club
Div A - 40
1st Place Brennan Gray Prodigy Wrestling
2nd Place Tate Dunnam Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
3rd Place Laandon Meador Jr. Patriots
4th Place Kiowyn Deaton Grove Takedown Club
5th Place Max Burd Weatherford Youth Wrestling
6th Place Zander Bowen Chickasha
Div A - 43
1st Place Easton Pierce Newcastle Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Conner Holly Cowboy Wrestling Club
3rd Place Sammy Spottedbear Newkirk
4th Place Jordan Alexander BLUE T XTREME
5th Place Terin Neff Moore Lions
6th Place Xane Sweatt Ruff Ryder`s
Div A - 46
1st Place Luke Stuart Yukon Youth Wrestling Club
2nd Place Rodolfo Rojas Wildcat Wrestling
3rd Place Damion Sanchez Poteau Youth Wrestling
4th Place Quinton McGirt Mojo Grappling
5th Place Conner Vance Prodigy Wrestling
6th Place Ethen Prior Noble Takedown Club
Div A - 49
1st Place Revin Fipps Perry Maroons
2nd Place Jayden Bussell SS Team Big
3rd Place Cooper Miller Harrah Little League
4th Place Brayson Gordon Blaine County Grapplers
5th Place Kale Fruits Bristow
6th Place Tim Ortiz Ada
Div A - 52
1st Place Luke Thornhill Bellator Pro Deus
2nd Place Jeremiah Harrison Lexington TDC
3rd Place Ayden Smith Team Guthrie Wrestling
4th Place Jaxon Shepard Kingfisher Pee Wee Wrestling
5th Place Tripp Swaim Randall Youth Wrestling Club
6th Place Kalen Clift Elgin Grapplers
Div A - 55
1st Place Josiah Nicholson Choctaw Ironman
2nd Place Kase Adams Sallisaw Takedown Club
3rd Place Kelby Ingram Tonkawa wrestling club
4th Place Wyatt Nisbett Cowboy Wrestling Club
5th Place Ethan Koller Norman Grappling Club
6th Place Cashen Merriman StandFast Wrestling
Div A - 60
1st Place Jakiyas Peterson OKC Warriors
2nd Place Promised Johnson Bristow
3rd Place Kane Rodgers RAW
4th Place Garrett Williams Division Bell
5th Place Colton Flynt Harrah Little League
6th Place Conner Franks Matrix Grappling
Div A - 66
1st Place Braxton Hill Choctaw Ironman
2nd Place Weston Setzer Shawnee Wrestling
3rd Place Luke Warner Sallisaw Takedown Club
4th Place Amantae Montague StandFast Wrestling
5th Place Griffin Goins Broken Arrow Wrestling Club
6th Place Calon McCoy Southmoore Little League
Div A - HWT
1st Place Paden Perison Bristow
2nd Place Brennen Watkins Sapulpa Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Redmond Lindsey Norman Grappling Club
4th Place Graeson Nichols Elgin Grapplers
5th Place Mikel Jones Chickasha
6th Place Hudson Hunter Choctaw Ironman
Div B - 43
1st Place Colt Fox Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
2nd Place Kaelyn Rice Ardmore Takedown Club
Div B - 46
1st Place Devin McCarty Southmoore Little League
2nd Place Matthew Mills Poteau Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Tyson McKinney Bridge Creek
4th Place Aiden Lee Muskogee Youth Wrestling
5th Place Garrett Short Wildcat Wrestling
6th Place Hudson Walla Piedmont Youth Wrestling
Div B - 49
1st Place Wiley Wilson Cowboy Wrestling Club
2nd Place Bradie Adams SS Team Big
3rd Place Luke Williams SC Outlaws
4th Place Cole Stevens Division Bell
5th Place Aidan Graves Sulphur Youth Wrestling
6th Place Brady Fabbri McLoud Wrestling
Div B - 52
1st Place Jarrett Patty Ardmore Takedown Club
2nd Place Xander Sweatt Ruff Ryder`s
3rd Place Rylend Slover Tuttle Wrestling
4th Place Hunter Newell RAW
5th Place Talan Dobson Mojo Grappling
6th Place Creed Moore Ada
Div B - 55
1st Place David Farmer Sallisaw Takedown Club
2nd Place Daniel Prior Noble Takedown Club
3rd Place Ryker Miller Sallisaw Takedown Club
4th Place Austin Vaughn RAW
5th Place Juan Soto Weatherford
6th Place Cade Hinshaw Matrix Grappling
Div B - 58
1st Place Trevor Jessen Ardmore Takedown Club
2nd Place Wyatt Ervin Enid Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Colton Mills Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
4th Place Noah Lewis Wildcat Wrestling
5th Place Sawyer Hackbarth Edmond Generals
6th Place Cody Stong StandFast Wrestling
Div B - 61
1st Place Greyson Zellers Team Tulsa
2nd Place Kolton Mullings El Reno Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Peyton Cross Tuttle Wrestling
4th Place Cason Mansfield Ardmore Takedown Club
5th Place Jase Winchester Edmond Generals
6th Place Jonathan Hohmann Prodigy Wrestling
Div B - 64
1st Place Quaid Ferris Wesley Club Wrestling
2nd Place Camden Crew Muskogee Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Krew Robertson Matrix Grappling
4th Place Bo Ware Cleveland Takedown Club
5th Place Gabe Blankenship RAW
6th Place Maximus Houston Okmulgee Wrestling Club
Div B - 67
1st Place Zylan Johnson Division Bell
2nd Place Nation Johnson Bristow
3rd Place Bo Manek Harrah Little League
4th Place Landen Maxwell Creek Elite
5th Place Trevor Besabe Midwest City Little Bombers
6th Place Riley Day Jr. Patriots
Div B 0 70
1st Place Ithan Reese Rider Wrestling
2nd Place Tanner Bedford Broken Arrow Wrestling Club
3rd Place Brady Brewer Creek Elite
4th Place Austin Ilbery Shawnee Wrestling
5th Place Diego Pacheco Maverick Elite
6th Place Ryder Jones Prodigy Wrestling
Div B - 75
1st Place Eyzic Burke Blackwell Wrestling Club
2nd Place Turner Richardson Weatherford Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Frankie Esparza Cleveland Takedown Club
4th Place Ryker Long Blaine County Grapplers
5th Place Aeden Clayton Edmond Generals
6th Place Izzac Mia Moore Lions
Div B - 83
1st Place Braydon Miller Woodward Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Rixon Nunley Cache Bulldog Takedown Club
3rd Place Jackson Plyler Broken Arrow Wrestling Club
4th Place Zander Riffe Ardmore Takedown Club
5th Place Kanon Clift Elgin Grapplers
6th Place Aqeel Mitchell Enid Youth Wrestling
Div B - 90
1st Place Brock Smith SC Outlaws
2nd Place Carlos Cardosa Geary Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Ryan Morales Tuttle Wrestling
4th Place Gavin Brazil Edmond Generals
5th Place Alexia Benton Enid Youth Wrestling
6th Place Brayson Storm Edmond Generals
Div B - 105
1st Place Shaun Franks Cowboy Wrestling Club
2nd Place Aaron Vieyra Cushing Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Preston Willis Owasso Wrestling Club
4th Place Damarion Jones StandFast Wrestling
5th Place Thomas Todd Clinton Youth Wrestling
6th Place Dustin SHields OKC Warriors
Div B - HWT
1st Place Cooper Walters Team Guthrie Wrestling
2nd Place Hemi King Jay Wrestling Club
3rd Place Antonio Orquiz OKC Warriors
4th Place Jacori Graef Perry Maroons
5th Place Jay Skelton Poteau Youth Wrestling
Div C - 52/55
1st Place Collin Taylor Borger Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Makya Watson Lexington TDC
3rd Place Bryson Hand Choctaw Ironman
4th Place Luke Roundtree Moore Lions
5th Place Cian Kimerling Moore Lions
6th Place Max McDaniel Edmond Generals
Div C - 58
1st Place Cameron Orr Ardmore Takedown Club
2nd Place Carson Orr Ardmore Takedown Club
3rd Place Liam Burke RAW
4th Place Jaxson Billingsley SC Outlaws
5th Place Miliyah Pacheco Maverick Elite
Div C - 61
1st Place Jackson Willingham Glenpool Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Niko Gonzalez El Reno Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Tristan Owens OKC Warriors
4th Place Javier (j.j.) Lopez Prodigy Wrestling
5th Place Chandler Dockery Choctaw Ironman
6th Place Payton Fabbri McLoud Wrestling
Div C - 64
1st Place Harley Wood Team Guthrie Wrestling
2nd Place Ethan Freer Enid Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Daniel Hernandez Cushing Youth Wrestling
4th Place Kolton Sehi Cache Bulldog Takedown Club
5th Place Madden Smith Edmond Generals
6th Place Derick Garcia Bluejay Pride Wrestling
Div C - 67
1st Place Ashtan Wilson StandFast Wrestling
2nd Place Dustin Brotherton Wildcat Wrestling
3rd Place Garrett Vaughn RAW
4th Place Aidan Folland Cache Bulldog Takedown Club
5th Place Gabe Reyna StandFast Wrestling
6th Place Hudson Hackbarth Edmond Generals
Div C - 70
1st Place Caleb Hunter McLoud Wrestling
2nd Place Will Simms Bellator Pro Deus
3rd Place Davion Henderson Team of Hard Knox
4th Place Laker Ingram Tonkawa wrestling club
5th Place Evan Johnson Sooner Wrestling Club
6th Place Luke Bowers Owasso Wrestling Club
Div C - 73
1st Place Rye Henley Chandler Takedown Club
2nd Place Jevon Jessen Ardmore Takedown Club
3rd Place Austin Garrett Sulphur Youth Wrestling
4th Place Ethan Meador Jr. Patriots
5th Place Dillon Sowards Westmoore
6th Place Alex Crittenden Grove Takedown Club
Div C - 76
1st Place Eli Rodgers Claremore Youth Wrestling Club
2nd Place Walker Neeley Creek Elite
3rd Place Steven Brooks Enid Youth Wrestling
4th Place Emerson Harper Cushing Youth Wrestling
5th Place Tanner Greenfield Wildcat Wrestling
6th Place Colton Hicks Clinton Youth Wrestling
Div C - 80
1st Place Chance Gruenwald RAW
2nd Place Aaron Dunnam Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
3rd Place Bronson Baxter Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
4th Place Malik Gordon PC North Youth Wrestling
5th Place Brittain Brewer Creek Elite
6th Place Lawson Lusk Blackwell Wrestling Club
Div C - 85
1st Place Tyler Coleman Muskogee Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Daniel Stephens Moore Lions
3rd Place Taylor Tomlin Creek Elite
4th Place Major Linden Tuttle Wrestling
5th Place Jaiden Trimble Team of Hard Knox
6th Place Kayden Campbell SS Team Big
Div C - 90
1st Place Cash Jennings Weatherford
2nd Place Max Rinehart Ii Newcastle Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Roman Rowland Matrix Grappling
4th Place Jarron Allen Carl Albert Little League
5th Place Ethan Buller Enid Youth Wrestling
6th Place Whitten Eustace Weatherford
Div C - 100
1st Place Brayden Barber Sapulpa Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Tanner Fallwell Norman Grappling Club
3rd Place Jackson Walters Sooner Wrestling Club
4th Place Tyler Fassio Poteau Youth Wrestling
5th Place Wesley Silvis Team Guthrie Wrestling
6th Place Brant Nave Newcastle Youth Wrestling
Div C - 110
1st Place Ian Jones Westmoore
2nd Place Justis Mosier Ark City Takedown
3rd Place Toran Smith Creek Elite
4th Place Ryder Dobbs Blanchard Wrestling Club
5th Place Cooper Kunzman Heritage Hall Chargers
6th Place Savannah Spencer Muskogee Youth Wrestling
Div C - 120
1st Place Colt Carr Sapulpa Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Wyland Hargrove Division Bell
3rd Place Landon Wilson Chandler Takedown Club
4th Place Trenton Todd Clinton Youth Wrestling
Div C - 131
1st Place Anthony Papa Sapulpa Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Nikolus Herrendeen Team Guthrie Wrestling
3rd Place Landen Brumley Moore Lions
4th Place Kaden Kelly Creek Elite
Div C - HWT
1st Place Briggs Bewley Blanchard Wrestling Club
2nd Place Lane Gourley Little Axe Wrestling
3rd Place Seth Brown Matrix Grappling
4th Place Trycten Boyer Wildcat Wrestling
Div D - 64
1st Place Riddick Nash Del City Little League
2nd Place Riggen Condra Ardmore Takedown Club
3rd Place Dalton Lewis Division Bell
Div D 67
1st Place Cade Carter Choctaw Ironman
2nd Place Antonio Martinez Bulldog Pride Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Phillip Cravatt Ada
4th Place Gage Collins Bridge Creek
5th Place Allen Poorman Rider Wrestling
Div D - 70
1st Place Savien Rodriguez Wesley Club Wrestling
2nd Place Beau Murphy Choctaw Ironman
3rd Place Brody Root Matrix Grappling
4th Place Jamison Williams Choctaw Ironman
Div D - 73
1st Place Joshua Salais Keller Wrestling Academy
2nd Place Karson Rice Ardmore Takedown Club
3rd Place Jaedyn Grose Wildcat Wrestling
4th Place Dakota Dickens McLoud Wrestling
5th Place Veagan Clayton Tri County Titans Wrestling
Div D - 76
1st Place Kaleb Martinez Rockstar wrestling club
2nd Place Mikah Mcbride Wildcat Wrestling
3rd Place Gunner McBride Matrix Grappling
4th Place Owen Zellers Team Tulsa
5th Place Kale Bryant Noble Takedown Club
6th Place Kylei Nunley Cache Bulldog Takedown Club
Div D - 80
1st Place Kaden Simms Bellator Pro Deus
2nd Place Garrett Washington Glenpool Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Kyler Alley Choctaw Ironman
4th Place Ethan Norton SS Team Big
5th Place Ransom Cosby Blanchard Wrestling Club
6th Place Sutton Little StandFast Wrestling
Div D - 84
1st Place John Taber Shawnee Wrestling
2nd Place Ryan Hayes Choctaw Ironman
3rd Place Bryson Rouse Creek Elite
4th Place Michael Darnell Newcastle Youth Wrestling
5th Place Brayden Hughart Tiger Wrestling Club
6th Place Hudson Vaughn RAW
Div D - 88
1st Place Kolten Luschen Piedmont Youth Wrestling
2nd Place Kaden Gallagher Ada
3rd Place Payton Paras OKC Warriors
4th Place Dylan Johnson The Bombers of Frisco Wrestling
5th Place Alfonso Castanon Western Heights
6th Place Cade Stong StandFast Wrestling
Div D - 92
1st Place Cannon Speck Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
2nd Place Jesse Battice Ardmore Takedown Club
3rd Place Jordan Lomeli Shawnee Wrestling
4th Place Kyler Blackwolf OKC Warriors
5th Place Jacob Garcia Lexington TDC
6th Place Nicholas Denson OKC Warriors
Div D - 96
1st Place Jp Martinez SC Outlaws
2nd Place Carter Freeland Ada
3rd Place Joseph Leavitt Wildcat Wrestling
4th Place Zayden Watkins Del City Little League
5th Place Chris Wall PC North Youth Wrestling
Div D - 100
1st Place Alec Davis Grove Takedown Club
2nd Place Donnivin Spencer Muskogee Youth Wrestling
Div D - 105
1st Place Helen Park Edmond Generals
2nd Place Brandon Scott North Mabee Stampede Takedown
3rd Place Colby Busby Division Bell
4th Place Lux Baker Brushy Wrestling CLub
5th Place Hunter Henderson Chandler Takedown Club
6th Place Gage Root Westmoore
Div D - 110
1st Place Jared Douglas Cascia Hall Wrestling Club
2nd Place Traye Buckner OKC Warriors
3rd Place Cody Peters Bartlesville Wrestling Club
4th Place Jonathan Gatz Coweta Takedown Club
5th Place Juanito Romero Young Guns Wrestling - Dumas
6th Place Trinit Zweifel Enid Youth Wrestling
Div D - 120
1st Place Daniel Carey Rider Wrestling
2nd Place Logan Cash Shawnee Wrestling
3rd Place Jack Puckett RAW
4th Place Drew Powell Moore Lions
5th Place Dalton Dollar Sallisaw Takedown Club
6th Place Joey Dickens McLoud Wrestling
Div D - 130
1st Place Cole Carroll Creek Elite
2nd Place Riley Williams Tuttle Wrestling
3rd Place Austin Sweet Edmond North Jr. High
4th Place Gavin Selanders Team Guthrie Wrestling
5th Place Conrad Kraft Team Guthrie Wrestling
6th Place Elijah Kouri OKC Warriors
Div D - 140
1st Place Jaeden Poahway Cache Bulldog Takedown Club
2nd Place Parker Andrews Matrix Grappling
Div D - 160
1st Place Jhonathan McGuire Checotah Matcats
2nd Place Cade Bailey McLoud Wrestling
3rd Place Blake Brown Matrix Grappling
4th Place Marcus Dean OKC Warriors
5th Place Allia Page Jr. Patriots
Div D - HWT
1st Place Savontez Collins Team of Hard Knox
2nd Place Tony Davidson Geary Youth Wrestling
3rd Place Jacob Bustos Oklahoma City Wrestling Club
4th Place Zeke Owens Woodward Youth Wrestling